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About Our Production

EllWood company has been established in 2013 and started
producing high quality parquet flooring since 2015. Our
products are very popular in Ukraine.We’ve defined our decors
as the most popular and we continue to enlarge our range of
EllWood parquet flooring is produced as planks of solid highquality
wood. It is a 100% natural floor covering with no added
adhesives or other additives.
The parquet board consists of several layers.As a rule, the base
is plywood or softwood, and the top layer is natural precious
wood (3-4mm),UV-oiled or varnished and brushed if needed.

There are 3 types of locking system:

5G — the most modern click system

2G — previous generation click system

T&G — tounge and groove system


We have 3 quality types of parquet flooring:

Select — mostly radial cut.Clean surface with slight differences in tone.
Single live knots up to 5 mm are possible. Sapwood is not allowed.
Nature — combination of radial and tangential sawing.Diverse pattern
and color difference. The presence of knots up to 25 mm, cracks are
filled. Sapwood is not allowed.
Rustic — radial and tangential cut. There may be a sharp change in
color, the presence of knots without size restrictions, cracks are filled. The
presence of sapwood.

Our boards locking / joint systems